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Building a Culture of Peace Forum: Mission and Vision

In a nation saturated with news about violence, the Building a Culture of Peace Film and Forum Series was created to introduce both young people and adults in our community to historical and contemporary examples of how principled and strategic nonviolence practices and justice campaigns create change and successfully respond to violence of all kinds.

For the last decade, these programs have been offered free to the community as a vehicle to inspire a commons space for heart-centered community conversations and, whenever possible, to introduce participants to local movement groups who are presently mobilizing campaigns to educate and to create policy and transformative change.

These programs have been created by a volunteer working group and are open to all community members without charge.  The working group members represent various local peace, justice and faith communities.

Films and forums have featured subjects including: anti-war movements, the practice of forgiveness, nonviolent responses to violent crime, humane immigration reform, death penalty abolition, anti-racism movements, feminist campaigns, anti-bullying awareness, workers rights movements, fair trade, environmental activism, Native American rights, Combatants for Peace Israel and Palestine nonviolence movements, disability rights movements, LGTBQ solidarity movements, anti-semitism in our national history, nonviolent civil disobedience…

“The Building a Culture of Peace Forum organizes community conversations and programs to promote education and action for building a more just society through principled and strategic nonviolence.”