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Ecosystems of Compassion with Becky Field

Ecosystems of Compassion with┬áBecky Field, Photographer I am a photographer and advocate for immigrant communities. My photography illustrates that, while we may have very different backgrounds, we all have the same dreams for a safe home, good jobs,… Read More

Peace & Justice Conversations: Labor and Peace: Complicated Solidarity

“Peace activists tend to be progressives with a serious commitment to solidarity to labor, but there is a sense that Democrats in congress are so devoted to the Military Industrial Complex in large part because of the jobs… Read More

Peace & Justice Conversations: The American History of Voter Suppression Against Black People

Voter suppression has a long history in the United States, beginning with Reconstruction and dominating Southern politics during the first half of the twentieth century. The “Freedom Summer” of 1964 in Mississippi was a key confrontation with the… Read More