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Peace & Justice Conversations: How Wars End

Join former diplomat and Colonel, Ann Wright for a discussion on what conditions lead to ceasefires and the ends of wars and how we can help bring those conditions about. Ann will share her experience and knowledge as a… Read More

Peace & Justice Conversations: Possibilities for Peace in The Post-Cold War Era

Although the Ukraine war seems to be deadlocked, the world situation is unusually fluid, uncertain, and dangerous. Biden’s National Security Strategy stated that “the post-Cold War era is definitively over and a competition is underway between the major powers… Read More

NH Peace Action Acts!

Continuing our campaign to protect Palestinian families in this time of growing violence against them, we dedicate our July Action Zoom to H.R. 3103, The Palestinian Children and Families Act. H.R. 3103 has three areas of focus: 1) detention of… Read More

Peace & Justice Conversations: Money in Politics and the Military Industrial Complex

Join Olivia Zink, Executive Director of Open Democracy, for a conversation about the ways money corrupts our political system and drives government in the interest of profit over people, including a discussion of how money in our political… Read More

Peace & Justice Conversations: National Peace Action Update

Join us for a conversation with Peace Action National’s President Kevin Martin to talk about the US supported Yemen War, nuclear disarmament issues, the Pentagon budget and more. New Hampshire’s status as first in the nation primary state… Read More

Peace and Justice Conversations: Ukraine’s Path to Peace

“Peace and Justice Conversation Series: Lawrence Wilkerson-Ukraine’s Path to Peace One year into the Russian invasion of Ukraine, join retired Colonel and former Chief of Staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell Lawrence Wilkerson for a discussion of… Read More

Peace & Justice Conversations: Common Defense: How the Voices of Veterans Can Help Build Peace

“Common Defense is the largest organization of progressive veterans in the US, they seek to amplify the voices of veterans pursuing a more just future. Veterans, in poll after poll are the most trusted demographic in the US…. Read More

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