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Ukraine: Resources on Advocating for Peace

As we have seen many times before, Western media’s coverage of conflict
in the world is incomplete and often biased.  Actions based on such a
limited point of view can lead us in frightening and terrible
directions.  Consider Iraq, and Afghanistan where hundreds of thousands of people have paid the price as a consequence of the U.S military invasion.

Our current moment is no different.  Part of NHPA’s mission is education, so we are building this resource to provide different perspectives on the current crisis in Eastern Europe.

“There is only one answer to the war in Ukraine: a peace deal”:

Stephen Kinzer’s short piece “US military aid to Ukraine guarantees more
suffering and death”:

Refugees from other conflict zones react to the worlds focus on Ukraine:

A brief video on the regions history and geography:

In addition. NH Peace Action has hosted three recent events on the need to de-escalate global conflicts and push for a peace deal between Russia and Ukraine

Michael Klare and Denise Duffield discuss the current crisis, how we come back from the brink of nuclear war, and the “Back From The Brink Campaign”, Feb 28, 2022
Dr Joseph Gerson on US foreign Policy toward China & Russia, Feb 15, 2022:
Bruce Gagnon: Is Russia Truly Our Enemy? 4/23/21:
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