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Peace Pillars

Vision: We envisage a future where international relations are based on cooperation instead of competition and conflict, and where mutual benefit and shared security lead to a more peaceful and just global community.

Mission: NH Peace Action educates, mobilizes, and organizes, to build a more peaceful and just future for all.

Our Work: As an organization, we work on several issues, topics and problems in our world.  We use a pillar structure to guide the work we do.  Each of these pillars equally supports our mission and vision.  Their number waxes and wanes as time passes, but each is a way to frame our approach to conflict and its resolution, explains our approach to those who are learning about us, and reminds us how we can bring our vision to reality.  We’d like you to understand the relationship we see between our peace work and the issues/topics/problems that we connect with.  Here they are, in no particular order:

Pillar 1: Building a Culture of Peace 

Pillar 2: Peace with Iran

Pillar 3: Peace with North Korea

Pillar 4: Ending Middle East Wars

Pillar 5: Curtailing Climate Change

Pillar 6: The US Military Budget

Pillar 7: Curtailing Militarism

Pillar 8: Ending Nuclear Weapons

Pillar 9: Achieving Peace in Palestine

Pillar 10: Peace and Conflict Resolution

Pillar 11: Ending Poverty

Pillar 12: Ending Racism

We often partner with other organizations working in these areas above because we believe that cooperation and strengthening the presence of a voice for peace is paramount to achieving the progress we all seek.