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Peace Action Trainings

The image is of peace keepers in yellow reflective vests talking with attendees of a peace rally in Concord, NH.

In order to best serve our community and organizational mission, NH Peace Action offers training to help build the skills needed to advocate for peace. If  you or your organization wish to attend or organize one of the trainings listed below. Please sign up for our email list for upcoming trainings by emailing Bill Maddocks.  These trainings are interactive, inclusive, and include role- play scenarios.

Available trainings:

  • Peacekeeping: The purpose of peacekeeping is to support the success of events by helping with logistics and to intervene in situations that potentially threaten injury or disruption of the action. Peacekeepers are trained to:
    • Identify and de-escalate common situations.
    • Direct traffic.
    • Adapt to different circumstances and effectively communicate with other peacekeepers.

Those who complete this training are eligible to join the NH Peacekeeping Project, a statewide peacekeeper network. Trainings are typically between 90 minutes and two hours long.

  • Bird-Dogging: New Hampshire hosts the first in the nation presidential primaries, and residents have a unique opportunity to get face-to-face with the most influential figures in American politics while gaining serious earned media in the process.  Bird Dog Trainings provide the skills to:
    • Teach techniques on how to get your questions answered in public situations.
    • How to maneuver politicians into providing detailed answers.

Bird-dog trainings are typically 90 minutes long.

  • Nonviolent Direct Action (NVDA): Sometimes those who advocate for peace feel called upon to put their bodies on the line.  Direct actions can be dangerous, lead to arrest, and NVDA training is often required by event organizers. NVDA trainings teach participants how to:
    • Remain calm under pressure.
    • Effectively communicate with other participants during hectic situations.
    • A variety of other skills as required by a specific action.

Typically, NVDA Trainings usually take six to eight hours and include examples and role-plays specific to the direct action being planned.

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