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Past Live Streams:

Will Thomas and Sandra Yarne: The Palestine Education Network

Diane Stradling: The US War on Cuba

Alicia Sanders-Zakre: The International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons

Nooran Alhamdan: A Binational Future through Palestinian Liberation and Decolonization

John Lamperti, NH Peace Action’s longest serving board member tells stories from his decades of work for a more peaceful and just future.

Join host Chris Marion for a discussion with journalists Danny Haiphong and Ben Norton on their work covering US China relations and the new Cold War.

Disclaimer: There were concerns about the veracity of some of the claims made in this presentation by staff and board members of NH Peace Action, as a result we decided to make this video private to give board members time to view the presentation. Given that many of the things said by our speakers do not always represent the opinions of our members or board of directors, we opted to return this video to the public arena with a disclaimer. Ben and Danny certainly have a differing view from what most of us have seen and been taught about China, we hope this encourages us all to do more research from primary sources to counter the persistent anti-China propaganda from the US government and mainstream media.

JerryAnne Boggis tells is about her work with the NH Black Heritage Trail and talks about the importance of preserving history to shaping a more just and equitable future.

Fawn Gaudet and Rep. Catherine Sifikitis tell us about their work to protect pollinators and our food supply, and stave off the sixth mass extinction event.

Michael Ferber: Nonviolent Theory in Action

Bruce Gagnon: Is Russia Truly Our Enemy?

Andy Davis: Changing the World One Story at a Time

Kevin Martin, National Peace Action President updates us on our shared priorities and work together.

Professor Eric Cheyfitz discusses how the ideology of American Exceptionalism effects culture and policy.

Members of NH Friends of Combatants for Peace lead a compassionate listening session with readings from Combatants.

Erika Perez from NH Youth Movement: How and why to work with youth.

Deborah Opramolla: The Poor People’s Campaign in New Hampshire-Honoring the legacy of Dr. King on his birthday we host the NH Chair of the Poor People’s Campaign.

Moved Goalposts: How our current work might change under a Biden administration.

Housing Jubilee! An old custom explored as a solution to our current crisis.

Perspectives on Antisemitism from the Only Jewish Kid in Town

Paul Kawika Martin and Lilly Dragnev from Peace Action’s national office brief us on the path forward now that we know the 2020 election results.

The Nightmare of US Immigration Policy with Grace Kindeke and Maggie Fogarty

Paul and Denise Pouliot: The Movement for Indigenous People’s Day

Fall Fundraiser: Stories of Peace and Change

The International Day of Peace: A Query, A Quest and A Quandary

Misty Crompton and the Just Schools Movement

Michael McPhearson: Race and the War Machine

Black Lives Matter in NH with Ronelle Tsheila and Martin Toe

Remembering Hiroshima and Nagasaki with Rev. Elizabeth Theoharis, Masako Wada, and Kevin Martin