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Peace & Justice Conversations: Reflections of 14 Years

Will Hopkins reflects on lessons learned in his 14 years as director of NH Peace Action as we prepare for him to transition out of the role.


Medea Benjamin: War in Ukraine: How We Can Promote a Ceasefire and Peace Talks

Medea Benjamin speaks about her book, which outlines the context for this war, discusses the politics in the White House and Congress, the positions of various presidential candidates, changing US public opinion, the wider global context, and what we can do to build a broader and more effective peace movement.


Peace & Justice Conversations: Peace on the Korean Peninsula

Join NH’s own Hayden Smith for a conversation about the pursuit of peace on the Korean Peninsula.


Peace & Justice Conversation Series: War in Yemen.  Where is it now?

Join NH Peace Action in welcoming Hassan El-Tayyab, Friends Committee on National Legislation’s legislative director for Middle East policy for a discussion on the status of the Saudi-led war in Yemen.


Peace & Justice Conversations: American Friends of Combatants for Peace

Join Tiffany Goodwin-Van Camp who recently took over as Executive Director of American Friends of Combatants for Peace, for a discussion on how the message of peace, carried by former combatants for each side of this conflict has created a new model for opening hearts and minds and creating space for a path to a just and peaceful future.

Peace & Justice Conversations: NH People Making History

Arnie Alpert writes the “Active with the Activists” column for InDepthNH.org, a free, nonprofit news source and he is also the creator of the website, New Hampshire Radical History.  On this July 4th weekend, Arnie engages us with stories of New Hampshire people who have taken action for freedom, justice, and democracy.

Peace & Justice Conversations: The Golden Rule

The Golden Rule, set sail in 1958 to stop nuclear testing in the atmosphere, and inspired many peace makers and peace ships that followed. A project of Veterans For Peace, the restored Golden Rule is voyaging once more, to show that a nuclear peace is possible, and that bravery and tenacity can overcome militarism. Join Helen Jaccard and Gerry Condon, project managers for the Golden Rule for a conversation on the mission and journey!

Peace & Justice Conversations: Youth Peace Building Internationally

Join Jessica, a graduate of the 2014 Friends Forever Northern Ireland Program. Once she returned home after her program, Jessica engaged in volunteer work and giving back to her community through the Scotch Street Youth Club. Since her first-year program, Jessica has remained involved with FFI’s work. In April 2018, she participated in the first-ever FFI Alumni-Training Program which took place in New Orleans. Since returning home from this program, Jessica has continued to work alongside other alumni of our Northern Ireland program to build the FFI alumni movement in Europe. In 2020, Jessica graduated from Dundee University as a nurse and has been working as an Oncology nurse for 3 years in Scotland. She has taken a career break to volunteer with FFI for a year, helping with program development and delivery.

Peace & Justice Conversations: Iranian Nonviolence

Join Brother Moji Agha (Mojtaba Aghamohammadi), Iranian-American reformist Muslim Sufi “monk” and a bilingual poet/writer for a discussion on the Iranian Nonviolence project. Brother Moji’s project seeks to connect Iranian peace and nonviolence advocates with their American counterparts to build connections and synergies to support one another in our work and to prevent warfare between our nations.

Peace & Justice Conversations: Climate & Militarism

Join 350 NH Co-Directors Lisa & Emma for an Earth Day conversation on the existential threat climate change poses to humanity, how it connects to militarism, and how the peace and climate justice movements can work together to shape a just, safe, and sustainable future.

The Answers Are There with author Libby Hoffman

Our world desperately needs new ways to support community transformation. In The Answers Are There, Libby Hoffman shows us what is possible when outside aid animates, rather than obstructs, local leadership and recognizes and honors community wisdom, priorities, and resources. This book shares stories of individual and communal transformation in Sierra Leone, where the culture of community was nearly destroyed by civil war. But the unique approach of Fambul Tok (“family talk”)—anchoring reconciliation in indigenous traditions of communal truth-telling, apology, and forgiveness—restored that culture and unleashed a powerful resource for national healing. Fambul Tok’s core conviction—that ordinary people have the creativity, capacity, and determination to transform their communities according to their own needs and desires—changed a country, and with it, international peace and development.

Peace & Justice Conversations: Money in Politics and the Military Industrial Complex

Join Olivia Zink, Executive Director of Open Democracy, for a conversation about the ways money corrupts our political system and drives government in the interest of profit over people, including a discussion of how money in our political process drives militarism. Olivia will talk about the ways money has corrupted our political process and the legislative and organizing steps being taken to fight back against this undue influence over our political process.

Peace and Justice Conversations: Judith LeBlanc: The Peace Movement and Native Communities

Join Judith for a discussion of the intersections and synergies of the traditional peace movement and the tribal nations and Native communities. How can the peace movement be in relationship with Native communities in the common struggle for a healthy and peaceful future for future generations?

Iranian Nonviolence: Talking about Dignity and Peace-building

Join the Iranian Nonviolence Initiative and its founder, Moji Agha (along with Iranians actively engaged in nonviolent struggle inside Iran–on Clubhouse) in a bilingual English-Persian conversation with New Hampshire Peace Action’s Amy Antonucci and Will Hopkins about what is happening currently in Iran, focusing on the importance of dignity in peace-building. We will discuss the critical role nonviolence is playing in the struggle in Iran (especially among the youth), and the ways Americans and Iranians can work together to ensure a peaceful future for both of our nations.

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