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New Hampshire Peace Action Staff

Executive Director: Tim Lenoch

Tim Lenoch is the new incoming Executive Director of New Hampshire Peace Action, officially starting on January 22, 2024. He ..brings a diversity of work and life experiences to the position with a firm commitment to peace and justice, a passion for action, and a pragmatic willingness to learn.

Early in life,  Tim was privileged to travel internationally for his education at an alternative public school and these experiences helped him form a political and historical consciousness based on a critical view of US Foreign policy and a commitment to justice.  Tim was involved in the Bush era peace movement, while both in graduate school and as a member-owner of a worker collective. He earned a Masters’ degree in African History from UW Madison and moved on from academia to focus on economic and social justice. Tim has worked as an organizer, director, researcher, and educator with labor unions, community organizing projects, civic and legislative engagement groups in New Orleans, Los Angeles, Madison, Denver, the Upper Valley, and Vermont. More recently he has worked in academic research while his wife’s academic position has allowed their family of four to live in Accra, Chicago, London, while sporadically living on their small farm in Vermont. The family now lives in Hanover.

While working primarily in the labor movement, Tim’s intellectual and personal life has been shaped by his international experiences, historical consciousness, and engagement with issues of diversity and justice, all based on a commitment to peace and making the world better.  He brings organizing, interpersonal, and leadership skills, along with a strong interest and passion to do peace work, to New Hampshire Peace Action. He sees his new role as “the staff person to organize around issues of peace and to move people to action” and is excited to participate in strengthening the organization through base building, coalition work, advocacy, education, and action.



Office Administrator: Doreen Desmarais

Doreen has more than 30 years experience in office administration, serving the non-profit, educational, labor union and for profit sectors.

She currently manages administration, finance, and event planning for NH Peace Action. In her free time Doreen enjoys gardening, volunteering and spending time with her family and pets.

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