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Articles of Interest

2022 Articles:

The Intercept: How the Pentagon Uses a Secretive Program to Wage Proxy Wars

Tri-Continental Institute, “A Plan to Save the Planet”

Make the Anti-War Movement Great Again  The Atlantic

2016 Articles:

The War in Syria Cannot Be Won, But it Can Be Ended  Phyllis Bennis

Will Hopkins and Arnie Alpert OpEd on Nuclear Weapons

Injustice for All? Jocobin (Socialist Alternative affiliated) responds to Malheur Oregon.

Will Congress Use Trump’s Racist Rhetoric to Create Second Class Americans?

2015 Articles:

Mother Jones: Drone Pilots Quitting in Record Numbers

NY Times: UN Security Council Approves Resolutions on Syria Talks

Steps to Stop Islamic State

Secretary Perry Opposes much of Trillion Dollar Nuclear Modernization Plan

Iraqis Think the US is in cahoots with Islamic State

Former Israeli General says Iran Deal Isn’t a Bad Agreement

Who’s Afraid of the Big, Bad Bomb.  by Uri Avnery

Confirmed: The Hawks Were Wrong About Iran

The Real Problem of Getting to ‘Yes’ with Iran

The Senate’s Gift to ISIS: Sanctions on Iran by Trita Parsi

2014 Articles:

Israeli Forces Tear  gas African-American Interfaith Delegation

Amnesty Report Accuses Israel of War Crimes and Condemns Palestinian Rocket Fire

10 Myths about Obama’s Latest War

Here’s Everything That’s Wrong with the White House’s War on the Islamic State

Six Steps Short of War to Beat Isis

5 Concrete Steps the U.S. Can Take to End the Syria Crisis  by Phyllis Bennis

Open Fire and Open Markets: The Asia-Pacific Pivot and the Trans-Pacific Partnership

2013 Articles:

Netanyahu is Wrong – Israel Can Help the US Broker Peace with Iran – Trita Parsi

US Not Bombing Syria A Victory  by Phyllis Bennis

Egypt Joins Israel as Gaza’s jailer

An Extraordinary Turn Against Military Action

Syria says it “welcomes” Russian proposal to take control of chemical weapons

Phyllis Bennis: There is No Military Solution to Syria   – “The Real News” video

Only a Peace Conference, not air strike, can stop further bloodshed

Time to Cut a deal with Tehran by Patrick Buchanan

Balky Syrian Rebels  Op-ed by Paul Pillar

Syria: the threats, costs, claims and lives  by Phyllis Bennis

Global Peace Index for 2013

Ex-drone Operator Haunted by Past

Waging Peace, an Interview with Paul Chappell

What We Really Owe Vietnam Vets is a Confession and Apology.  LTE by Gray Fitzgerald

What About Our Own Bombs in Pakistan?   LTE by Gray Ftizgerald

Father John Dear on the Bradley Manning Trial

Syria’s Chemical Weapons…Iraq Redux?

What We Really Owe Vietnam Vets is an Apology

Way Worse Than a Dumb War: Iraq Ten Years Later

The Punk Patriot Interviews Will Hopkins

Video by The Punk Patriot: “Sequestration and the Death Machine”

The Woes of An American Drone Operator

Afghan Peace Volunteer says drones bury beautiful lives

Will Chuck Hagel’s Appointment Actually Help the Anti-war Left?

Who Says You Can Kill Americans, Mr. President?

For Obama A License to Kill, by John Sununu

Congresswoman Barbara Lee Introduces “Department of Peace-building” Legislation

UN Reports Drones Killed More Afghan Civilians in 2012

 A Video on Wealth Inequality in America