NH Peace Action 32nd Annual Event & Fundraiser!

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R shetterly

Complimentary Cocktails at 5 PM
Full and Flavorful Feast will be served at 6 PM

Come and support NH Peace Action while enjoying an evening of education, entertainment and mouth watering cuisine! Special Guest and Keynote speaker will be Robert Shetterly, Harvard graduate and author of “American’s Who Tell the Truth”. Robert has created a series of paintings depicting people who have powerfully spoken out about the truth, even against difficult odds. He has poignantly combined their images with their words. His work has sparked conversations with adults and children alike on the necessity of dissent withing a democratic system. Robert´s paintings and prints have gained popularity and now are in collections all over the U.S. and Europe. Read more about him at http://www.americanswhotellthetruth.org/.

Music will be provided by the popular Patrick Scanlon! Pat Scanlon is a Vietnam veteran and the coordinator (elected leader) of the Boston chapter of Veterans for Peace, also called the “Smedley Butler Brigade”, as well as a talented banjo player. He has written and performed such songs such as “War is Not the Answer, Never Was, Never Will” , “Extremists”, (This song is a comment on the police surveillance that has been done on peace activists in the Boston area who were using their First Amendment rights of free speech and peaceful assembly. For background see: http://aclum.org/…) and “Where is the Rage?”

Link to “War is Not the Answer, Never was, Never Will”

P Scanland

$40 for Members or if purchased in advance
$50 if purchased at the door
$10 for Students/ Low Income