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Personalized Technology Service
Ended at: 30 days 5 hours 13 minutes 47 seconds ago
$100.00 USD

This auction has been sold to James G. Smart at $100.00 USD.

Need help setting up that new “smart” TV or phone?  Can’t get the laptop to talk to the printer?  Happy Tech Personalized Technology Service can help!

Happy Tech offers personalized, non-judgmental, technology services including: help with setting up and using smart phones, laptops, tablets, e-readers, printers, and smart TVs.

With more than 20 years of experience in communications and technology, Wendy is very knowledgeable about current tools for communicating, including how to set up and use social media, texting, apps, phone cameras, music and video streaming services, and online services.

Wendy is also able to come to the individual’s home in order to provide one-on-one assistance so that they are empowered to use their devices with confidence.   (Concord & vicinity, please.)

Value: $150

Happy Tech, Wendy Lapham,  302-521-0237